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I pride myself in having a strong entrepreneurial spirit and for the past year has been developing 'The Makeup Mask', a business that provides a specialist product that will prevent makeup from transferring onto clothes. I have personally come across this struggle time and time again, from trying on clothes myself to having my designs damaged by makeup. This is why I made it her personal mission to support Retailers, Designers, Stylists, Students and everyday fashion-loving customers face this issue.

By using 'The Makeup Mask' products and preventing makeup transfer I promise to save the customer time, unnecessary cost, prevent needless washes, reduce water consumption and most importantly, help to extend their clothes lifecycle. I believe that in such a dramatically changing world where we are facing a number of sustainability and cleanliness issues that we need to protect our clothes, as well as, ourselves from all angles.

As a result of this, I have developed two products that can be utilised throughout the fashion and beauty industry.

  • The first product, 'The Makeup Mask Box' is designed to consist of fifty recyclable makeup masks and can be used like a tissue box to provide protection from makeup transfer. This product can be used in changing rooms, during fashion shows, on photoshoots and for special occasions, etc.

  • The second product, the 'Individual Makeup Mask' consists of one recyclable makeup mask that can be used as a portable product for an individual whilst shopping or by retailers who can send these out with their online orders to protect their clothes.   

The Makeup Mask is one of my first businesses and an ongoing project for myself over the next few years. I have learnt an incredible amount so far about starting a business and I am so excited for the future and to finally launch the products. I have managed a range of roles throughout the development process of this business including, developing the product itself, negotiating/sourcing suppliers, designing the products branding/packaging, website design, marketing, etc. I am aware that unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic may have an impact on sales, but I strongly believe in the product's purpose and that as time heals all wounds these products will succeed.


To learn more about the project, please read a GFW Alumni Article I took part in with Graduate Fashion Week at: 

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