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Print Designer at DAKS

I am a Print Designer for DAKS London, as well as, a freelance graphic/textile designer and budding entrepreneur. I have founded two businesses, 'The Makeup Mask' and a freelance Textile Studio called 'Lennox Studio'...

Rebecca is a highly creative multi-disciplinary designer specialising in Graphics (branding & artwork), Print, Illustration and Womenswear Design for luxury ready-to-wear brands. Rebecca currently works in the Fashion and Textile industry as a Print Designer for DAKS Simpson. She is a native Londoner, residing in Essex, England.

As a Print Designer for a leading luxury heritage RTW brand, Rebecca has gained experience in coming up with seasonal prints/graphics and assisting with the production of seasonal concepts. Rebecca has an excellent ability to create unique illustrative or graphic prints that draw inspiration from unique starting points whilst incorporating elements from the brand's heritage. Rebecca has a love for bold colours and intricate detailing, she prides herself in her patience when illustrating and ability to create forward-thinking designs. Her prints have a feminine, yet commercial edge which manages to encapsulate both new trends and the brand's identity, resulting in new and unique print stories.

Rebecca prides herself in her entrepreneurial spirit and for the past year has been developing 'The Makeup Mask', a business that provides a specialist product that will prevent makeup from transferring onto clothes. Rebecca has come across this struggle time and time again, from trying on clothes herself to having her designs damaged by makeup. This is why Rebecca made it her personal mission to support Retailers, Designers, Stylists, Students and everyday fashion-loving customers face this issue.

If you are interested in learning more about my experience please view my up-to-date CV below or contact me via: rebecca.lennox@outlook.com.


I am always looking to collaborate, if you are too then please get in touch.

Tel: +44 7807118542  |  Email: rebecca.lennox@outlook.com